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Vachana Shetty

location iconBangalore, Karnataka, India
Forever is composed of nows ~ Emily Dickinson................... Travel and I - Life happened to me at 25 when I took a break from work to study further. The degree got me a new job and a great boss who would push me to travel on work. While on trip, he would recommend exploring nearby villages, rivers, monuments and my colleague and I would start early everyday to see around before getting to work. This followed by my stint outside of my city made me realise the purpose of my life. I traveled almost every weekend, meeting new people, making new friends, experiencing new places, developing new passions, exploring my limits or the lack of it, enjoying myself and nature to the best of my ability!....................... My travel philosophy - I’m Vachana, and I believe in making the most of the free time I have by traveling as much as I can. Travel for me is not just about going on long vacations but also about driving 100 kms from home to see something new or driving 100 kms and loving those 100 kms :) Travel for me is about living in the NOW, it is about experiencing the NEW, it is about making memories and sharing those stories, it is about composing my beautiful FOREVER. I want to say if I could, I would travel all the time, but I think I have this need to be anchored to all the lovely people I have in my life. I predominantly travel within India exploring the various landscapes this country has on offer. I have camped and hiked in the Himalayas, explored the Pink City – Jaipur, trekked extensively in Maharashtra, explored the famous Ellora Caves, spent days being in awe of architecture at Hampi, driven around the tea estates of Wayanad, the list is long! I have also visited Malaysia and recently drove through beautiful Bali for 10 days......................... About Once Upon My Travel - - Once Upon My Travel is my attempt to share my travel stories with you the way it happened. It is my effort to showcase a place, share with you details about getting there and how to plan your trip in an affordable fashion. It is also about sharing details about those pearls I find in each location, one that is not a part of tourist recommendations but takes the experience of your holiday to the next level. When I’m not traveling, I am earning for it through a corporate job. I wish to someday combine my passion for travel with my passion for marketing. If you are reading this and know how it can be done, contact me by writing to :) You can write in with any other query too!.............. The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time ~ James Taylor