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Vimal Geethanandan

After traveling in 11 states for nine months hitchiking more than 20000 kms taking trucks, mini vans, motor cycles, cars, buses, trains, a flight once, staying in bus stands, railway stations, petrol bunk, police station, huts, big homes, villas, a star hotel once, with privileged and underprivileged, all WITHOUT SPENDING A RUPEE OF MY OWN. I have experienced so many things. Some taught me farming, one took me to snorkeling, one taught me photography, one taught me blogging, what else, all taught me how to love. I have learnt a lot. All because of love of people, as simple as that. In nine months I’ve never experienced any negative thing, I’ve never slept with an empty stomach. When I say humans are good, they really are. People and their stories excite me. I love talking. No, may be listening, more. I'm this guy who listens anything and everything, so intently. Start speaking, I listen. Stop speaking, I share. In addition to this I have taken several short term rides across India, doing various things for fuel.