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location iconArizona, United States
Here are a few fun facts about the way I travel. If they make you nod and smile, you’re in the right place. If you shudder, squirm and think “what is the matter with this fool?” … well, that’s OK, too. Have fun however you roll. -I will eat just about anything. That includes rotten shark meat. What have I turned down? Whale. -When I travel, I walk/hike/run an average of 8 miles each day. -If it starts with the letter Z (like zip line or Zorb), you should do it. -My travel tradition – run a 10k in every country I visit. -I love to camp or to stay in hotels made out of old airplanes. Or wine barrels. -I’m crazy about intercontinental flights, even though I’m 6’2, 205 pounds. So maybe I’m just crazy. -People always think I’m Canadian. I’m from Arizona – so what if I like curling and ice hockey?! If I visit your city, please direct me to your best local brewery for stout and/or IPA.