Photo of Pei Xun

Pei Xun

I can’t remember exactly when it happened. Maybe the time I conquered my first mountain, shocked by the biting cold in my toes, yet blown away by the beautiful sun slowly peeking from the clouds. Or my first ski lift up the Alps, overwhelmed by the panoramic snowcapped mountains before speeding down the same slopes. My first time seeing so much snow, I had scooped them up in delight before shuffing it into my mouth. There are some stories I never forget because I’ve retold them many times. But there are also those that slip away and become blurry over time. This is a collection of my favourite moments, an attempt to record in detail my time spent exploring, discovering. It lets me dabble freely in what I love for fun – travel, writing, a bit of content marketing and technology. It’s also a way to share my travels with like-minded people researching for their next adventure. Hopefully my tips come in handy and save you a bit of hassle in your planning and actual voyaging. P.S. If a city girl like me can do it, so can anyone. The world is waiting, what are you waiting for?