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If I had to choose just one place in Mexico where I would go over and over again, it would be Teotihuacan ruins. Why? I’ve NEVER felt so much energy, life force and simple magic anywhere else in this world. First, we visited a shop with many artifacts that are made here, which is also the place with the highest Government permission to make copies of the Anthropology Museum items. Then, we took a walk around. It is said the area was inhabited since 100 BC and left empty around 750 AC. The tribe influenced other cultures in Mesoamerica including the Mayas all the way down to Costa Rica. In 375 AC they conquered other cities and made them pay a tribute to them, the Mayas too. It is very expensive to uncover the pyramids and we can still see some hills with the pyramids underneath the grass. There were around 2,000 temples in Teotihuacan so imagine how many centuries it is going to take to make them all open for public!

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