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Best time to visit - January,February,March,November,December
The largest and the busiest city in Bangladesh, Dhaka may seem like a regular, commercial city to you in the first glance but it's much more. It's a place that grows on you with time, and when it does, it's difficult to forget its many experiences. If this is your first visit here, you can choose among the many Dhaka day tours. The tours will help you see the city in its entirety and one can also choose customised tours according to individual preferences. Lal Bagh Fort, Liberation War Museum and Ahsan Manzil are some of the must-visit spots in Dhaka. Do include Baitul Mukarram Mosque in your itinerary. It is the 10th largest mosque in the world and is a sight to behold. Sonargaon is another wonderful place to include in your itinerary. An erstwhile administrative centre of Bengal, the site makes for an interesting visit outside Dhaka. Sitara Mosque is named so because it is decorated with a million stars and is a delight to explore. There are a number of options to stay in Dhaka and you can choose one according to your budget or preference.
Greater Chittagong consists of the south easternmost parts of Bangladesh, with a total population of over 28 million. No Bangladesh itinerary can be complete without a trip to this region. It comprises Chittagong city (the second-largest city in Bangladesh), Chittagong Hill Tracts and other neighbouring districts, including Cox's Bazar. Dhaka to Chittagong city is about a 5-hour drive or a 6-hour bus/train ride. Frequent flight options between the two cities also exist. If travelling by land, leave early in the morning in order to arrive in Chittagong city in time for a late lunch.
Best time to visit - June,July,August,September
Sylhet, lying on the banks Surma River, is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Bangladesh. With lush, refreshing greenery, it is known as the Land of Fairies! Keane Bridge is the gateway to Sylhet and also a prominent landmark. Ratargul is another lovely spot to visit when you are in Sylhet. This swamp forest is one-of-its-kind and the views here are absolutely stunning! One of the few freshwater swamp forests in Bangladesh, it's a must visit. Visit the forest during winter to enjoy the beauty at its peak. Tambil-Jaflong is where you'll witness inspiring views of the surrounding greenery and also get a chance to visit the waterfalls. Do also visit Sree Mangal, considered to be the largest tea gardens in the world. Pangthumai Waterfall and Satchari National Park are some of the other places you can visit when you are around Sylhet. If Sylhet is the only place on your itinerary, be aware that only a few hours are sufficient to explore and learn about the place.
Best time to visit - May,June,July
Primarily a university town, Rajshahi is a bustling little town that has much to do and see. Lying on the banks of River Padma, the Indian border is only 2 km away and it's quite a sight to see the swiftly flowing River Ganga. The Puthia Temple complex is a delight to explore and though the temple structure is a little scattered, the main temple will delight history lovers and art fanatics. Mahasthangarh is another lovely spot though it's a little tricky to reach. The place is a little mismanaged but it's still worth a visit. Kantajew temple is definitely another popular spot in Rajshahi. This rich historical site is a must visit for those who enjoy a peek into the past. The rich terracotta work in the temple is a delight to explore and the intricate work is fascinating. Among other places to visit, Ghoramara and Shrine of Hazrat Shah Makhdum definitely deserve a visit. There are several hotels and resorts here in Rajshahi and you won't have a problem finding a suitable place to stay.


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