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Day 16 --> Karnal --> DevgarhOn hindsight, this day became our longest ride on a single day (664 kms) beating the 640 kms we did on Day 1. Part reason were the lovely stretch of highways where we could comfortably average 3 digits; the other part was our longing for home where we wanted to reach with a little day light to spare, by Day 18. I can’t but mention the best aloo parathas (each of us ordered twice) and jalebi we ate at a local dhaba near Gohana (a localized version which was humongous and juicy while being delicious). While watching the beautiful sun setting with a myriad of colours, we resolved to reach Devgarh which we did after enduring a patch of dark highways. We had booked an RTDC (State owned) hotel which scared me and Ansu abit when we went into the old, worn out and haunted looking place where a lone light at the reception shone without anyone near it. Shouts by us were answered though, by a boisterous old man (built like an ox) and even sounded like one when he declared himself as the caretaker and led us to a room which looked as if it was preserved since India’s independence (70 years ago); with a B&W TV (which may have been samsung’s first ever model). The room had an additional door to keep out insects; which it did very ineffectively. Our source of entertainment was the caretaker himself who had no qualms regarding our privacy barging into the room at his will and freely chosing to advice us on eating our dinner when it is warm. He was also frank enough to reveal his age (60+), his salary (which was meagre) and his hometown without being asked. Although we laughed privately at all his quirkiness, what we couldn’t deny was his dedication to his job when he almost broken in through the door next day morning at 5am with hot tea. His was a character we’d never forget; which made our tour, abit more fun

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