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Spotting scopes are commonly used to score targets at varying distances, but a lot of shooters aren't sure of what's required in terms of magnification, objective size and, especially, optical quality when shooting at a given distance. How good a spotting scope is needed as opposed to 400 yard scoring for 100 yard scoring?There is the matter of observing conditions to consider, before getting down to cases. Air turbulence, heat mirage, dust, humidity, haze and other atmospheric conditions all affect image quality when using these conditions and a shooting spotting scope can change by the hour. There's no escape from this.A premium grade spotting scope for targeting shooting mirage and may be rendered useless under severe conditions of heat waves and adding distance or more magnification to the target makes the problem worse. Then, it's important to make test under many different conditions, before passing judgment on any spotting scope. When, in fact, the atmosphere is the culprit, a lot of scopes get blamed for poor performance.Assuming conditions that are favorable we can move into quality issues and features. Please follow the link to get more information about best spotting scope reviews.Basic FeaturesAs for features, most shooters want an eyepiece with plenty of eye relief, as they are typically not in a position to get their eye near the eyepiece when shooting. For the same reason, many shooters like angled bodied spotting scopes and rotating tripod collars, which allow the eyepiece and hence, the scope body, to be rotated to various positions.Up to 100 YardsOut to 100 yards, you don't need a target a lot of premium or magnification grade optics to get the job done. 18-36x or so will be plenty of magnification to see bullet holes at 100 yards and even a good 50mm objective will have enough resolution to see 22 bullet holes. A 60mm, objective , portable. well as affordable as still be give you more margin for error and In case you are scoring targets for air rifle or rim fire competition, be certain to check "close focus" or "minimum focus" under a spotting scope's specs. Not all target shooting scopes will focus as close as 33 feet (10m).500 Yards and BeyondGoing to 500 yards and beyond is the exclusive province of those last five (the Big Five, in my book) and, as any experienced shooter will tell you, premium spotting scopes are used at these distances more to judge atmospheric quality and air currents than for scoring. Even a premium one, a spotting scope, needs help at these extreme distances for scoring in the form of tagger or a spotter at the target. When someone invents a spotting scope that may be used for scoring bullet holes at 1000 yards, with no help of a spotter, I shall be the first to buy one. Until then, such a spotting scope is a fantasy.USCAMEL BIRD WATCHING WATERPROOF SPOTTING SCOPEWhat is the best spotting scope for target shooting from USCAMEL? The USCAMEL Bird is far the best offering that one can find from USCAMEL under the price range that is said. This spotting scope is an angled spotting scopeThe zoom power of this spotting scope is precise and clear even for the highest zoom settings. The lens of the scope is a fully coated lens BaK7 with dynamic lens.The lens of this spotting scope is used FMC full broadband coating technology for performance and added durability. The angle of this spotting scope is 45 degrees and it's 2.36 large eyepieces.When being used in the center of the day the extendable sunshade keeps the glare away from the objective lens.A soft carrying case is also added to the package aside from the spotting scope tripod for shooting.FINAL WORDSBuying the best spotting scope for target shooting is no easy task. It's best to get one that can do the job at 300 yards, because you knew that you are going to use it for spotting a target.Expensive spotting scopes may nevertheless deliver bright and clear images at 500 yards like the Kowa Fluorite and people that are from Swarovski and Nikon and can even offer higher magnification power. My one cent when it comes to buying a spotting scope is always go for the most and the best that you could afford!

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