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Bedse cave is 45 km from Pune. It is very close to Kamshet and Pavna Lake. If you have plans for camping at Pavna or paragliding at Kamshet, then you should visit this not so touristy Bedse Caves. We parked the car in the Bedse Village, close to 400 meters from the base of the mountain. Praful and I were the only ones at 10 AM Sunday morning, making the trip extremely romantic and special. We climbed what felt like never ending stairs to reach the entrance of the Bedse caves. The steps are well maintained, paved and clean. Unlike Sinhagad, you will not find any snack or cold drink shops while climbing up. The Bedse caves were built 2600 years ago and were used for meditation by the Buddhists. The facade of the cave is magnificent with 4 gigantic pillars in the front. There are 2 small caves. Apart from some beautiful carvings on the wall, there is not much to see here. Visit Bedse caves for the beautiful view from the top and some peace of mind. You can see Pavna village, fields and the Western Ghats. After spending 45 minutes at the cave, we started the descent. At the base of the mountain, we met Mr. Narayan Dahibhate and his wife. They have cleaned the area near the base for vehicle parking. Mrs. Dahibhate offered us a glass of delicious buttermilk for Rs. 10. If you plan to have lunch at Bedse Cave, you can contact Mr. & Mrs. Dahibhate at 8796023718 and pre-order your snacks and food. Basic Information: Base Village: Bedse Village Trek difficulty level: Easy Nearest Railway Station: Malavali Station or Lonavala Station Tips: The carvings on the cave walls look more beautiful in early morning sunlight. Make sure, you reach this place before 9 am. Carry your own water bottle and some sandwiches. Climbing 400 stairs can make you hungry. There are no food or cold drink shops here. There are no toilets

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Best time to visit Kamshet is from October to March

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