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We started our engines and looked at the map, we had to cover 140 kilometers to reach Salem to grab a typical Tamilian lunch. The road was dry, hot, sweating from our arses, but as the saying goes, "ek baar hamney joh commitment kardi, toh hum apna bhi nahi suntay hain". So we rode on and on and on and on. Stopping to water the nature in between and hydrating ourselves with coconut water, we do managed to get a glimpse of hard rocky mountainous terrain, but what we encountered after that was more terrifying than Gabbar himself. The velocity of the wind was absolutely hysterical. As we rode, we came upon a long stretch dominated by huge windmills, the wind was so brutal that it swayed our bikes like a bloody pendulum. I could see scooters parked on the sidewalk because people were actually terrified to ride but we had to be the heroes and we rode. After battling the wind for hours, we reached Dharapuram and stopped for some tea and vada.There was only 125 kilometers to Munnar from Dharapuram, so after a short break, we throttled our acceleration in full force and we could feel Munnar calling us. It was absolutely breath taking, we could see the lush green grass overpowering the concretes. Ufff!!!! The feeling was too expensive. Alas! we had reached Munnar. Its actually impossible for me to express what i felt because there was a clash of emotions, tired and exhausted yet exceedingly happy. Here is a picture to show you guys what i saw.

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