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I was to meet Bhole Nath (Another name for Shiva) again, this time in Kathmandu, Nepal at the Pashupatinath Temple. Here, the temple is crowded with animals like monkeys, goats, sheep, birds and hen. There was a huge sculpture of Nandi made of brass just inside the temple. The sadhus pray for pujas and hawan. I walked around the temple and found a huge pond right in the middle of the temple. The pond is made out of brick walls and inside is green muddy water. At the interior of the pond, there is a huge statue of Shiva covered with serpents which is a majestic sight. I bought some rudraksh beads from there. Each rudraksh were different from others. One of the notable ones among them is called Do Mukhi Rudraksh, the two-faced rudraksh beads. Another one I found peculiar was the Panch Mukhi, the rudraksh with five heads. I sat down with the pujari of the temple and did my father’s shraaddha. I prayed for his soul to rest in peace and asked for his forgiveness. Doing this in one of the holiest places pleased me and I was happy. I could now move ahead in life without a huge burden on my shoulders.

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Best time to visit Kathmandu is from December to March

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