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So much has been said about Coorg that one heads there with tons of expectations. And luckily, travellers are not disappointed. From the surreal beauty surrounding the small town to its rich flora and fauna, Coorg is a wonderful experience. The laidback town is home to a number of touristy places, though most of them are situated a little further from the center of town. Do visit Abbey Falls for a rejuvenating afternoon and Tadiyendamol, the highest peak in the region, for an overwhelming view of the city below. Coorg is also home to an elephant farm that invites travellers to spend a day with these gentle creatures. The itinerary at the farm includes bathing elephants, feeding them and taking them for a walk. It's a lovely way to spend your day and the experience will stay with you for a long, long time. For foodies, there isn't an opportunity to experiment too much but the food available more than makes up for the lack of experimentation. The local cuisine is simple but delicious. The homestays here offer an experience you can't miss. The warm hospitality, the delicious food and an experience that takes you closer to nature is what Coorg is all about.

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