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We reached Salasar at around 2 in the afternoon. This is also a temple of Salasar Baba. During this journey, I encountered peacocks of all sizes, some with very few feathers left and some from which I could not remove my eyes It was for the first time I that touched a peacock. No wonder why they are our national bird. It's just an embodiment of beauty. The roads very excellent. I had not expected it to be so clear and smooth. On reaching the temple, we did darshan. And here just as we have prasad to bestow or offer to god, visitors can do "SAWAMANI", in which you can select the amount you want to spend for the prasad which is then distributed to all the people in the temple. It starts from 8k and goes on till 50k. It is believed that if you ask something in the temple and you get it, sawamani is something which people do. In the same tradition, my mother did this as it was our 3rd trip to the temple. We then went to have food which was Marwari khana including churma, gaate ki sabji, mesi roti , aloo ki sabji and papad. We then headed toward the car to reach the next destination.

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