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Day6: Tosh to BhuntarSo, the time to bid farewell to the mountains came, with a hope to return again. We hired a taxi from tosh to Barshaini and from Barshaini to Bhuntar, The driver was a funny fellow with lot’s of strange stories, while returning I noticed Manikaran , there is a huge Gurudwara there and it is mainly known for it. Not only Sikhs and Punjabis, almost everyone from every religion comes there, to visit that place. Around 4 we reached bhuntar, from there we boarded on our bus and the next morning we were in Delhi, ready to move to our respective destinations.Be it any worshiping place or the serene beauty of mountains, we humans are nature and we cannot live away from it, it will always draw us near it. Hope you enjoyed reading my journey, happy trekking To know more about parvati valley click on this link which will take you into the world of a travel blogger .https://whatifits.wordpress.com.

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Best time to visit Tosh is from March to June

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