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Mahatma Gandhi (Bapu), a man respected and loved globally needs no introduction. I recently got an opportunity to visit Sewagram Ashram (Wardha). It was Mahatma Gandhi's ashram and residence from 1936 to his death in 1948. The cottage has been preserved exactly the way it was at Gandhiji's time. 'Bapukuti'- a place where Mahatma Gandhi stayed and'Ba kuti'- a place where Kasturba Gandhi stayed are the two major attractions at Sewagram Ashram. All the items used by Bapu in his day-to-day life are lying in the open area but nobody will touch them or move them to any other place. People visit the cottages;observe Bapu and Ba's ashram, work place and areas where Bapu used to conduct the prayers and get a glimpse of his daily life. Many students visit this place for research work. Bapukuti is serene, peaceful and simple. It is clean and well maintained. It is a must visit place for anybody who is interested in the Indian History. How to reach Sewagram?

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