4 Day Bali Tour

3rd Feb 2018
Photo of 4 Day Bali Tour by A N Tomar
Day 2

Started off the day by visiting famous Ulundanu temple which is very well known for its stunning picturesque location by the lake surrounded by the hills. Had multiple shots at the beautiful garden and the landscape inside the temple. Next was the haul at the coffee plantation fields at hidden garden with a hidden bali swing at the cost of 800-900 INR/person. It was certainly a worth visiting place with their famous luwak coffee (let this be a secret for you till the time you visit it on your own😉). Next stop was gitgit waterfall with a scintillating view of fall from a great height creating a beautiful view. Tanahlot temple was the next stop as its the most popular tourist attraction of Bali. This place had some literally amazing locations for taking snaps as it is located at the shore which is accessible only during the low tides in the sea. The day was concluded by the views of kintamani volcano which is one of the active volcanoes in Bali,this sightseeing point is also one of the common spot for tourists to buy souvenirs from local vendors.

Day 3

Excursion trip to Nusa Penida island. It has 3 popular spots namely Angel billabong beach, Broken beach and Kelingking beach. All three has different geographical details with Kelingking beach having the most interesting views. This Island is about an hour away from the remotest spot in Bali by the fast boat. One can also enjoy the water sports activities at the island such as snorkeling, jet-skiing, sea-walking, kayaking, canoeing etc. It will require one full day to explore this Island.

Day 4

Bali Zoo is one of the tourist attractions in Bali as it is having almost all kinds of animals & birds and most importantly it is well maintained by the zoo authorities. It also has inter transferable bus service to take from primary zoo area to the section covering Tigers & elephants exclusively. It was good to have a light day at the zoo after days of extreme traveling and was amazing to witness the wildness this closely. Tiger feeding, sun bears bathing and elephant ride in water were the highlights of this place.

Day 5

Last Day in Bali was kept exclusively for the famous Bali swing with 18 swings with breathtaking views under the feet. This place also has many nests made to take beautiful pictures with gorgeous background of the woods. This is one of the must visit places in Bali. But the long queues for the settings are a bit turn offs for enthusiastic tourists but i can assure for worth the wait pictures at Bali swing. The last spot to visit in Bali was tirtha empul temple which is holy water temple believed to wash away the sins and purify the souls of the people taking dips in the spring water under the temple premises. It also has different and attractive architecture from the other temples in Bali. Lastly, for the souvenir shopping one can always head to kuta market or the Krishna market.

Day 1

Arrive in Bali in the hotel or villa as per your choice of stays, both are amazing options as i had planned my initial days in a beautiful hotel with open terrace swimming pool at the top of the property offering amazing view in the evening as well as during our breakfast at the roof top restaurant. For the last two days a villa with private pool was my stay with serene surrounding but quite far from the main city limits. Gardin mirror is one of the famous clubs which was in the neighbourhood of my hotel, it offers a decent food with great ambience; must visit guys.

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