What is it like to live in Seoul?

4th Aug 2018

Hey, guys. I currently live in Seoul. I used to live in Boston in US and Hanoi in Vietnam. Before I went there, I had no information about the cities. I would be much better living there if I had known some back ground knowledge about the cities. 

As a back-packer to over 15 countries so far, I have just made a video introducing Seoul to help those who want to put a step on the city. 

As you may hear, Seoul is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. on top of that, it has a great transportation systems and a cutting-edge sharing services such as sharing bicycle.

On the video above, you can check how to use the sharing bicycle system in Seoul. If you have more to ask, feel free to ask me on the comment of my you-tube video. I will answer you as much as I can.

FYI, the cost trip of $1 is the expanse you should pay for renting a sharing bicycle for 1 hour in Seoul. 

Thank you for reading and watching my video.