El Nido - What to Do and What to Expect? [Watch the Video]

26th Sep 2018

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Photo of El Nido - What to Do and What to Expect? [Watch the Video] by Neil Ghosh - The Lost Bong

My visit to El Nido has been of paramount experience, as a traveler. I am blessed to have seen one of the most beautiful places on the planet earth. From turquoise water to plush white sand beaches, El Nido has it all. Watch my video about Trip A to help plan your itinerary well!

Do's and Dont's:

1. Carry enough case, as this is a pretty costly place and there is a shortage of ATMs around here.

2. Get medicines/vaccinations as applicable.

3. If you enjoy rains then it's perfect otherwise, avoid the rainy season.

4. Head to the main El Nido beach for late night and happening parties.

5. Wake up early morning to go for the day trips.

6. If you want to visit Coron from El Nido, book your boat tickets well in advance.

7. If you want a memorable trip, join Mark (details below) for a fascinating experience.

8. Lastly, I recommend Trip A & C (the public tours in El Nido)

I hope you all like this video!

Trip A is definitely my favourite along with Trip C.


Travel Courtesy:

Your Tour Guide (El Nido)

Contact - Mark Itaralde Cacacha

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/yhooanangelo


We stayed at:

Periking El Nido - https://booki.ng/2S6OMsQ


Music Courtesy - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEic...


Share your experience if you have been to El Nido, Palawan, Philippines. Would love to connect with fellow travellers and help plan the itinerary for newbies.

Peace \m/

The Lost Bong

Photo of El Nido - What to Do and What to Expect? [Watch the Video] 1/1 by Neil Ghosh - The Lost Bong
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