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Backpacking across Mozambique, Africa in 10 days
Duration: 11 Days
Expenditure $ 500

Traveling is a leap into the unknown.  We have chosen to be forced day by day, minute by minute, into the present moment.  Plans?  Ha!  Want to hear a thunderous laugh from the heavens just mention what plans we are making? Traveling drags one kicking and screaming through the full gamete from western-style organized day planners, ringing cell phones and hectic schedules to waking up with a smile, wondering what the day will bring.  Gone are the securities of our self created environment or safe little bubbles we call life back home.  One is out experiencing life in the raw, in the wild.  In this space we soon realize that the only constant in change is inside us.  The serenity that resides within becomes the quiet, joyful pool in the whirlwind of our existence; a place to gather whatever strength is necessary.  

Africa is a vibrant, multicolored bouillabaisse of events, a subtle fusion into your soul.  Imagine the full spectrum from gazing over a still, mystical view of 'nothingness yet all', to thrilling chills down your spine as a lion roars nearby, to getting swept up in the pulsating current of lively spontaneous dancing in the market, to being stuck in a hot gridlock of sooty traffic trying to escape a congested capitol city. Colorful Mozambique, one of the only southern African nations to have never been ruled by Britain, oozes with the lively salsa vibe of the hot blooded Portuguese sailors. All troubles are forgotten in the lively music and dance of this coastal country. 'Marrabentia' captures your soul and draws you in for a hip shaking dance to the rhythmical beat.  Maputo, the capital,  has a lively vibe pulsing through the streets and along the waterfront.  Colorful 'capulanas' hang behind vendors selling everything from coconuts, to seafood to spices.  Downtown has a small business section, dotted with loud music and touts selling their wares.  The old port boasts wide shady boulevards, a couple modern but expensive shopping centers, and a good variety of Portuguese, Indian and Chinese restaurants.

It seems like about the only people you might want to be wary of are the police, who seem to revel in being the bad guys in this country.

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The charming capital of Mozambique, perched on the shore of the Indian Ocean, came together as a result of several different travellers settling here over the time, and its multiple cultural accents are a testimony to that. Soak in its laid-back vibe, take a day trip to the Inhaca island, and definitely spend some time gawking at the gorgeous railway station that is mistakenly thought to be built by Gustavo Eiffel.
Photos of Maputo, Mozambique 1/1 by Nancy & Joseph Gill
It might be slightly touristy, but its difficult to deny the charms of the eight-kilometere stretch of pristine white sand. Tofo beach is fast becoming a pull for tourists all over the world, offering the entire range of activities from scuba diving to surfing to horse riding (!). The good news for the backpacker, of course, is that this translates to plenty of budget stay options, including semi-permanent cottages on the beach itself. Perfect place to just push back and unwind.
Photos of Tofo Beach, Inhambane, Mozambique 1/1 by Nancy & Joseph Gill
While there is hardly anything spectacular to see in Vilankulos, the feel of the entire place encapsulates everything there is to love about Mozambique: lazy beaches, plenty of sun, and an atmosphere cut off from the chaos of city life. We especially love to beach hop here, soaking in gorgeous sunsets with a beer in hand to wash down our spicy African meals.
Photos of Vilankulos, Inhambane, Mozambique 1/1 by Nancy & Joseph Gill
Considered one of the prettiest towns in Mozambique, Inhambane houses several historic buildings that make it a wonderful town to stroll through. A stones throw from some of the most popular places in all of Mozambique, Inhambane manages to hold its own -- located on a peninsula overlooking a bay.
Photos of Inhambane, Mozambique 1/1 by Nancy & Joseph Gill
Mozambique's capital under Portuguese rule, this island steeped in history is now a UNESCO world heritage site. Only 3 km in length, this fascinating town is packed to the brim with a heady mix of Portuguese and Swahili architecture. Ride a bicycle along the coast, or take a kayaking trip to explore the island. Make sure to see the fort that sits on one of the tips, providing great photo-ops.
Photos of Mozambique Island, Nampula, Mozambique 1/1 by Nancy & Joseph Gill

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