When Holiday Struggles Get Real


Your dream holiday may be idyllic in how you imagine it, but the struggle can and does get real. Very real. But fret not, here’s a list of the possible situations where you might run into a wall, how to possibly avoid them.

Trust in us.

1. Language –

This can be trouble regardless of where you are travelling – whether within India, or out of it. Not just in language, but also in gesture. In fact, you run the risk of grossly offending someone if the cultural difference is too wide. For example, the double fingered okay is considered deeply offensive in Brazil. President Nixon did it, you too are fallible.

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2. Routes –

Getting around the place can be tricky. While relying on means like cabs is one way to get out of it, it’s not always the best way to explore a new place. What with the over-reliance on google maps, not many today can claim to be adequately acquainted with the lost art of map reading (yes, you do need it when you’re sightseeing, or you know, when your battery’s out).

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Your trusty (and possibly dusty) old map will drive you out of tight holes and give you a broader idea of how the city was built so you can understand it better!

3. Tips –

The culture of tipping in India has not really caught on, but in a foreign land you run the risk of seriously offending your server if you don’t tip adequately enough. And sometimes, when you do tip at all. In Japan, for example, it is distasteful to tip for a service. But in Puerto Rico, a 15-20% tip is more than commonplace. In fact, tipping etiquette differs from one service to the other in a a lot of places. The best thing to do here is to read up as much as you can to avoid any sticky situations when you venture out.

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4. Souvenir Shopping –

Where does the line between a good bargain and getting ripped off lie? Far apart. But it is good to know exactly where it is placed. The best thing to do is to get some local advice. Keep asking around for the right bazaar for the right buys at the right price, and know exactly how much haggling is too much haggling. You don’t want to come across as the mysterious, exotic cheapskate.

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5. Budget –

It is easy to let it go and squander on a vacation, isn’t it? It’s as if you are viewing everything through an Instagram filter. You’re out shopping and suddenly everything seems like a bargain. That upgrade that the hotel offered? Why not – it’s only a matter of a few (hundred… thousand?!) bucks!

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The idea is to budget, budget, budget. You’re saner when you haven’t ventured out, so carry about as much money as you can allow yourself to spend (with a few extra bucks for emergencies). For extra critical cases, we'd suggest distributing the money across different bags and pockets for safekeeping.

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