10 YouTube Channels That Every Traveler Needs To Subscribe To RIGHT NOW!


YouTube is a great place for travellers. Here they can find quick and effective doses of wanderlust without spending too much time. The realm of YouTube is filled with inspirational creators who travel for a living, and here are a few who need to be on your subscription list.

1. Casey Neistat

The brightest star of YouTube right now, Casey Neistat is evolving at an unstoppable speed. With a decade-long experience as a professional filmmaker, Casey is riding into the future with daily vlogs (video blogs) on a Boosted board (an electric skateboard).

Before being a full-time YouTuber, Neistat created the HBO series Neistat Brothers with his brother Van. He has climbed three of the Seven Summits and is known to make and do things with his own hands. From creating an entire workshop to climbing Southern Hemisphere's highest peak without any porter, his videos have the finesse of a professional filmmaker and the excitement of a passionate traveler.

2. Devinsupertramp

Devin Graham is a crazy dynamic videographer who goes to absurd lengths and heights (literally) to create videos, which induce vertigo and adrenaline just by watching.

Devin Graham struck fame when he made the Assassins Creed Meets Parkour back in 2012. Now, four years later he has over 4 million subscribers. Graham is known to strive for excellence and chase the shot, even if it means tip-toeing on a cliff risking a thousand feet fall. His adventure sports video are applauded around the world for their finesse and artistic quality.

3. FunforLouis

Louis Cole started daily vlogging way back in 2012, and now he has around 1300 videos in his account. Louis has kept up with the monumental task of creating a video every single day despite being the most ardent traveler on YouTube.

Cole, a British YouTuber, does not believe in locking himself down to a single place. The world is his canvas and through his extreme, varied and fascinating travels, he paints the ideal life of a wanderer. From driving an auto across the breadth of India to playing basketball with kids in North Korea, Cole has a lot of interesting stories which you definitely need to follow.

4. Vagabrothers

Marko and Alex Ayling are the famous Vagabrothers, who combine articulate journalism with brilliant videography in order to create travel videos that are genuinely helpful.

The Ayling brothers are not a couple of amateurs with a camera. This pair seeks to combine emerging cultural phenomenas with educational entertainment, and not everyone is capable of articulating such tasks into a single beautiful video. Calling themselves vagabonds by birth, the brothers joined arms to create Vagabrothers, in which Marko’s travel writing and journalism experience and Alex’s filmmaking and photography skills come together in a single mind-blowing package.

5. Kick the Grind

Mike Corey is a man on a mission. His hyper attached relationship with travel and exploration brings us the inspirational and major wanderlust-infusing channel Kick the Grind. Here he travels the world and does everything to make us want to as well.

A marine biologist by profession, Corey kicked the grind and started a YouTube channel, which is just the place for wanderers who have been on the hunt for some major inspiration. The world through Corey's eyes is a magical amalgamation of crazy and beautiful.

6. GoPro

The official channel of GoPro is great for a quick dose of some of the most stunning travel videos in the world. The channel compiles the best videos shot on a GoPro and brings them together on this single platform.

The GoPro Awards are the best time to get yourself hooked to this channel. During the awards, this little corner of YouTube is flooded with awe-inspiring entries of travellers from around the world. Recently GoPro HERO5 has been the centre of attention, featuring amazing 4K content.

7. JacksGap

In 2011, when Jack Harris decided to take a gap year after finishing school, he started JacksGap. The channel was meant to record the gap year where he traveled and took on crazy adventures.

Though the gap year ended a while back, Harris continues to make videos with his twin brother Finn. Their style has evolved substantially, as now the videos are refined time-lapses and cross-border Skype stories that capture the relationship of technology with people in developing countries and humanity in general.

8. Migrationology with Mark Weins

Migrationology is Mark Weins' brain-child, who was already a renowned food blogger way before his YouTube channel picked up. According to Weins, the best way to experience a place is through its food and on his channel, he tells the most authentic way to do so.

This Bangkok-based traveller's life revolves around the love for food. Where people plan their itineraries around destinations, he makes them around the particular cuisine he wants to try next. And the best part is, that he is taking us along on this wild adventure that revolves purely around food and his own passionate obsession for it.

9. Bradley Friesen

What happens when a professional helicopter pilot and his bulldog decide to lend their skill and knowledge to YouTube's greatest creators? You get some of the most gorgeous videos of 2016 and an entirely different way of experiencing nature.

Bradley Friesen owns his namesake YouTube channel where he collaborates with dancers, ice hockey players, videographers and most importantly, his bulldog, for adventures on high mountain lakes of Canada. He flies to places where roads cannot reach and shoots mind-blowing 4K videos of artists in action. Friesen's content is unlike anything on YouTube as his personal touch and story add a distinct, unique flavour to everything he does.


Seeing the world through VICE's eyes means seeing it stark naked, completely stripped off its glamorous lies. VICELAND is the YouTube channel to VICE's first ever television channel.

VICELAND is meant for the curious traveler whose destinations don't mean a natural spring or mountain but witnessing cultures and realities so remarkably unique to a place that one has to see it to believe it. From smoking pot with the president of Uruguay to coming out in front of a homophobe Mexican cartel leader, VICELAND doesn't hold back in its depiction of the world as it is.