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Day 1 : We arrived in the city of Amman at the queen Alia airport . The airport is modern and well built .In Amman we opted for Le Meridien ,the hotel is located on a street which is not very far from the maddening rush of the downtown . After a brief rest on the first day , we drived north to Jerash, the best preserved Roman provincial city in the Middle East. While touring the City of Jersah it is good of you hire s good guide , the guide will take you through the ancient city with lot of facts and things which you will never know on your own . Be ready to question him back for the things you see, the guides are knowledgeable and very much ready to share it with the tourist . There will be lot of walk involved and the place is dusty. Wear the most comfortable shoes and clothes . The tour will take around 2 - 3 hours and you get to see Hadrian’s Arch , Hippodrome, Temple of Zeus, Roman theaters, Temple of Artemis, colonnaded streets, public baths, forum and market place be ready to be taken aback with the beauty and history of the place. Day 2 : . After catching up on early breakfast we headed out the beautiful citadel the oldest site of civilization in Jordan’s capital city. Sitting on the top of the highest of the original 7 hills of Amman,you can admire how the city has been build all around the oldest building and is quite a site to see . We also saw ruins from several different empires – an Umayyad Palace and Reception Hall, Byzantine Church, Mosque, Temple of Hercules and a Roman Cistern. There was a small Archaeological Museum which displays artifacts dating back to 6,000 BC. The citadel needs at least 2 hours to be explored , guides are available at the site but we didn't opted for any . The place has some beautiful and old structures. After this we had a little sneak peak at the local town and we ate the local falafel sandwich at the very famous Hashim and then we left for the Eastern Desert over basalt plains to visit 3 of the “Desert” Castles – Azraq Castle, Qasr Amra and Al-Kharaneh. Displaying beautiful examples of both early Islamic art and architecture, these buildings stand testament to a fascinating era in the country's rich history. On our way back to hotel we visited the Royal automobile museum , it has on display some world most beautiful , unique and historical cars .Don’t miss the museum on your visit , it’s a must do.

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