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BANGKOKThe Tip: Shrimp, shrimp-paste, fish and oyster oil/sauce are commonly used in Thai cooking. When ordering, make sure to call out for these to not be added. Also, mushrooms and eggs (especially in fried rice) come without warnings. Specify your requirements anyway.SOM TAMThe vegetarian version of the salad has no shrimps. Instead, som tam is a tangy, spicy mix of unripe green papaya, lime, palm sugar, chilli, and peanuts.PAD THAIStir-fried rice noodles, flavoured with tamarind pulp, vegetables, red chillies, and palm sugar, pad Thai is a common find across the city.KHAO PHAT CHEFried rice—ubiquitous in all regions across Thailand, is made with Thai Jasmine rice and vegetables, and served with a side of lemon, cucumber, tomato, spring onion, and coriander.THAI CURRYWe have all tried the Indian version of Thai curry. Here you’ll find a curry of lighter consistency, in standard red, yellow, and green, served with steamed rice.THAI STICKY RICE PUDDINGEaten at breakfast or for dessert, served warm or cold, the sweet dish is made from glutinous white or black rice and coconut milk, and topped with coconut cream, fruits, nutmeg, and cinnamon.EAT HERE

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Best time to visit Bangkok is from December to February


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