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Bapatla - District: GunturIt was around 1935 hrs when we reached the town of Bapatla in Andhra Pradesh (India). The train was late, not that I was surprised. My friend suggested we head to the beach directly. So we took an auto that cost us INR 150. He spoke in Telugu, the local language of Andhra Pradesh; did not speak Hindi or English languages, most of the autowallahs there, do not. He was in constant conversation with my friend. I did not understand so I paid no heed to it.We reached the Suryalanka beach in 30 minutes flat; headed to a beach-side hotel (Haritha Beach Resort) owned and run by the state government tourism. Darn! No room. One of them commanded a sum of INR 3000 to allot a room the next morning. I gave him dirty looks as we walked back, dejected. We did not have a room to stay and there were no autos in vicinity to go back to the tow either. I dialed a few numbers only to hear "no room sir". Very casually, I asked my friend to make up his mind to sleep on the platform that night. He stared at me and got a 'I cannot help it' expression. Another problem was the lack of autos; it was closing time for visitors on the beach and finding an auto did not seem much of a possibility. 'Hotel Seatel' - read the ad on the wall. I immediately dialed the number and was happy to find a room there. Within seconds, we also saw an auto approaching us. WHEW! Its a good day. Paying another INR 150, we reached the hotel.That night, we ate a little more than what we could accomplish, drank few bottles of Budweiser and slept like a log.

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