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Also known as Vizag, this city is often considered as the best and most popular tourist attraction of Andhra Pradesh. Starting from lush green sceneries to pristine beaches, temples to lakes, beautiful hill ranges and caves, this city has it all for you. There are a number of tourist attractions to keep you attracted here. The Araku Valley and Kailasa Giri are the abode for natural beauty. The Borra Caves are examples of colorful cave formations. The Ramakrishna and Yarada Beaches are also must visit mainly due to the clean beaches and clear waters along with the beauty of the surroundings. This city is rightly a place with cultural and religious diversity. The Visakha Museum and the Submarine Museum are popular too. The later is the first museum to be built in a submarine in Asia.

About Bastar

As soon as you reach the Bastar region you will be lost in its simplicity. Lush green Sal trees surrounding the roads will definitely charm you. And if you are lucky, you could even spot a ‘Pahadi Maina’, somewhere amidst the virgin forests of this region. Home to numerous waterfalls, natural forests and rustic views, Bastar region has a lot to offer and can easily be termed as ‘a photographer’s delight’.Exquisite tribal culture:If you’re an art lover and you haven’t visited Bastar, your life is pretty much incomplete. The Bastar handicrafts are beyond exquisite.

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