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Why Belgrade?Belgrade in Serbia’s cultural scene has snowballed in the past five years. The combination of this with the gritty urban-ism of the city sees it frequently (perhaps lazily) compared with Berlin - Belgrade is intriguing in its own unique way. Savamala, the neighbourhood on the river below the old town, is the current focal point for the city’s creatives. Here you’ll find KC Grad and Mikser House, two arts and performance spaces as well as lots of bars and restaurants. The city’s clubbing scene is vibrant, and features legendary floating club 20/44 and brand new “techno cathedral” Drugstore, in a former slaughterhouse.Summer is super hot in Belgrade, but it’s also when the string of nightclubs on boats on the riverside are in full swing (most of these, apart from 20/44, close during winter). The best times to visit, according to locals, is spring or autumn, avoiding the particularly dreary spell winter can cast over the place.

Best Time To Visit Belgrade

Best time to visit Belgrade is from March to May and from September to October

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