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5. Santhal TribeSanthals are the third largest tribe in India. They habitats mainly in the states of West Bengal, Bihar, Orissa, Jharkhand, and Assam. They speak Santhali language. The livelihood of the Santhals revolves around the forests they live in. They fulfill their basic needs from the trees and plants of the forests. They are also engaged in the hunting, fishing and cultivation for their livelihood. Santhals possess their unique skills in making the musical equipment, mats and baskets out of the plants. After the long day hard work, Santhals relax with the light music and dance. They play great music using Tirio (bamboo flute with the seven holes), Dhodro banam (which consists of belly called lac covered with an animal skin on which rests the bridge(sadam, lit, horse), an open chest( korom), a short neck(hotok)and a head( bohok), Phet banam (a fretless stringed instrument with three or four strings), Tumdak, Tamak, Junko and Singa.

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Best time to visit Bihar is from October to March


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