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Day 11: Beautiful Sea and IslandsBesides the Busan City Tour Bus (BUTI), there is another tour bus company called Busan Jumbo Bus Tour. BUTI doesn't go to Taejongdae Park, so we had to take this hop on and hop off tour bus instead. It is a big red bus with an elephant mascot on it. It costs 15,000 won too, and starts at the same time and at the same bus stop as BUTI. You can also buy tickets for this tour when you board. My husband and I felt that this tour was more concise. BUTI was more value for money as the tour goes to many more places than the Jumbo Bus Tour for the same price. But the Jumbo Bus Tour just focused on the more interesting places.Huiyinyeol Culture Village is located just by the sea. It was so quaint and peaceful. We spent about half an hour walking around and admiring the views.

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