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The first thing that comes to your mind, as you land in Copenhagen, is , 'Damn! Its beautiful'. Okay, maybe not exactly after landing. But as soon as you enter the city after a short train journey. A word about the Danish trains - they are awesome! Unlike anywhere i have experienced. Anyways, by the time you get over your infatuation on trains (unless you are Sheldon Cooper), you will experience the beauty i am talking about. It is one modern European capital where skyscrapers are not eyesore, standing tall beside historical Cathedrals and Town Centers. Danes have done an extremely good job to maintain the architectural uniformity, where you can build structures with the architecture resembling the surrounding. At some parts of the city like, you may have a feel of landing back in times... A few centuries behind. But that doesn't mean, it's an old city. Just that the modern shopping district and business centers do not mingle with the old town and palace grounds. The architectural changes are gradual.

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Best time to visit Copenhagen is from April to November


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