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#CoffeewithTripotoComing back with a blog after an eternity seems like a task, rather it actually is one. I had to spend hours thinking about a perfect start for this beautiful piece. No, I am not being biased towards my writing that too prior to completing it rather I am referring to it as beautiful, for it involves a story of travelling through a beautiful place that also hosts a house I intend to have as my retirement home.Nestled amidst the ‘Scottish Highlands’ lies a place I explored this turn, which goes by the name ‘Inverness’.The first question that popped in my head as soon as I stepped in ‘Inverness’ was, what should I refer the place as? Hamlet? Well the place has a lot of churches, dictionary says I can’t use the word in that case.City? Really? But, I missed the normal hustle and bustle here, may be Town? I guess yes, it fits.So there I was visiting this town located north in Scotland almost opening out to the Atlantic Ocean. I was travelling as part of a group that had three people, other two being two of my favourite people on earth.We took a train from Edinburgh to reach this town, hostel was pre booked and was centrally located.

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