Weekend Getaways near Kolkata

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Enjoy amazing Weekend Getaways from Kolkata in the wonderfully diverse set of destinations around the capital of West Bengal. Are you tired of braving the crowds and traffic jams in Kolkata? Weekend getaways from Kolkata could be just the answer you have been looking for. There are quite a few places to explore near the city. The advantage: they don’t cost a bomb. From exotic beaches rivers & lakes to stunning wildlife sanctuaries, Kolkata is exceptionally located within close proximity to some of India’s finest tourist destinations. People from around the country flock to popular places near Kolkata like Digha, Chandipur and Durgapur all of which lie within 500 kilometers from Kolkata and are well connected by roads and public transportation.

Weekend Getaways from Kolkata include some of the best of the country’s beaches and historical cities, explore some the best of region’s gorgeous beaches in Gokarna and historical spots in Murshidabad. If you are looking for a getaway off the tourist circuit, make your way to some of the most offbeat attractions from Kolkata in MandarmaniBakkhali and Kalyani.

Some other destinations include Deoghar, which is famous for the world religious sites of Baidyanath Jyotirlinga Temple which is blessed with some stunning forests and hills. Weekend Getaways from Kolkata can also take you to the hill stations like Bankura and Mukutmanipur for a memorable holiday. When it comes to travel, Kolkata is perfectly located in proximity to some of the country’s best places to visit. Have you always wanted to head to a beach destination? Well, you can always visit Mandarmoni, Shankarpur or the ever popular Digha. A journey to the hills could also help you unwind and relax. Gangtok or Darjeeling could be the perfect remedy for a stressed week at work. A rustic experience in one of the many West Bengal villages could also be quite relaxing. Some of the other places near Kolkata you can consider visiting include Sunderbans, Shantiniketan or even Bakkhali. All you need to do now is choose a place and make your way!

Visit Purulia for its nature and Mayurbhanj for its religious sites. From beaches to forts, the range of destinations near Kolkata makes the city one of the best places in India for a weekend getaway. The host of destinations near Kolkata for a weekend getaway cater to all kinds of travellers. Whether you are looking to relax or seeking adventure, plan the perfect holiday and enjoy a memorable weekend.

The best time to visit these destinations on a short weekend trip of 2-3 days are the months between Feb-March and October-December when the weather is perfect to enjoy all the attractions and places near Kolkata.

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