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The conductor woken us up in the morning. We got down in the Mapusa. We had a homestay booked in the Calangute. We got to know about that homestay from one of my friend's colleague. We confirmed over phone and transferred the booking amount online. We called the aunty, the land lord, as we were told and congratulation, her mobile was switched off. We tried to contact that colleague but she didn't pick up her phone either. It was 6 am in the morning. None of the stores were open. The people got down with us from the bus, were all gone. We, five friends were standing in the bus stop like fools.The first thought that crossed our mind was that the aunty was a fraud and our money was gone. But we didn't lose hope. We thought there could be some issue with her phone. We didn't know the exact location of the homestay, all we knew was that it was behind the Domino's of the Calangute market (we asked several times for the exact address, but she didn't give). We knew her name luckily, one of my friend found a homestay with that name in the internet. The location was matching too. We decided to give it a try. We booked a prepaid taxi from the taxi counter of the bus stop and left for Calangute.Goa wake up late in the morning, which is quite normal after those late-night parties. We could hardly see any people in the road. It was the first week of March, but still a strange mist was covering the city. The first impression of Goa was very different to me. I loved the city instantly. The worry about the stay couldn't stop me from enjoying its beauty.

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