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Enroute to Patna we visit Rajgir and Nalanda. At the time of the Buddha, Rajgirit was the capital of the Magadhan kingdom ruled by the virtuous King Bimbisara. The Buddha spent five rainy seasons at Rajgir. The hills and caves surround Rajagirha was home to spiritual teachers ranging from the materialism of the early Charavaka school to the metaphysics of the Upanishadic philosophers. Off the main road toward the south is the Griddhakuta Hill, where in the rock-cut caves here he Buddha spent time meditating. A few kilometers away is Venuvana Vihara, the first offering of King Bimbisara to Lord Buddha. Nearby is the Karanda Tank where the Buddha bathed. On the hills above are the Pippla Caves where the First Buddhist Council, six months after the Buddha’s Mahaparinirvana was held here.

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