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Standing sixth among the 7 wonders of India, the city of Nalanda is one of the oldest established cities of India. The ruins of the glorious past mesmerises one even today. The name Nalanda resonates as an inspiration to anybody who heard about this place as the nurturing ground of the first residential international university of the world for great learning during the era when most of the other countries of the world were at the very nascent stage of development. The district, well-connected by network of roads and railways, had been a cradle of multiple religious evolutions. Apart from Buddhism, the Jainism, Sufism and Hinduism have also flourished in this region with the patronage from the generations of benevolent rulers. Now again Nalanda has an established open university attracting students from all over the country, thus symbolising the relevance of past in the present.Best time to visit: October to MarchTimings: 9am - 5pmEntrance fees: ₹5 for Indians, ₹100 for foreigners. Where to stay: Rajgir is the base town to stay at when you wish to visit the ruins of Nalanda Univeristy. Hotel Nalanda Regency is a good, decent option to stay at. You can see more options here. How to reach: The nearest airport is Patna, 89 km away and the nearest international airport is Delhi. Nearest railway station is Rajgir, only 12km away, however, Gaya (95km away) has easier connectivity with major cities in India. Rajgir is the base city for visiting Nalanda. Daily buses run between Patna and Nalanda, Gaya and Nalanda and even Rajgir and Nalanda.

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