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5. Janaki Temple (Birthplace of Devi Sita), Sitamarhi - Sitamarhi is in the heart of the ancient kingdom of Videha ruled by the philosopher-King Janak, the father of Devi Sita (the incarnation of Goddess Laxmi). Though it is not exactly clear which was the place where Devi Sita was exactly unearthed but overall this area is an important center of reverence for faithfuls and pilgrims. No grand monument or grand temple exists here but it is ultimately the faith that bring people. Sitamarhi does not attract lakhs of pilgrims as Lord Rama's birthplace, Ayodhya; Bihar govt is working to create a Ramayan circuit - equipped with facilities to attract tourists.Nearby is Baudhayan (locally known as Bodhayan)-Sar. The sacred place where Maharishi Baudhayan, an Indian Mathematician of great repute and priest who wrote a great number of mathematical treatises thousands of years ago. Maharishi Panini, the great Sanskrit Grammarian was one of his disciples. Maharishi Baudhayan is credited to be the author of the earliest Sulab Sutra - appendices to the Holy Vedas giving rules for the construction of altars - Known as the Baudhayan Sulab Sutra that many important mathematical results. He is older than the famous mathematician Apastambha and belongs to the Yajurveda School.

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