Macao Vacay!! #20ThingsILoveAboutMacao #IIML

14th Jun 2019

1. The best thing about travelling to Macau is, the tickets aren't overly priced, which makes it the perfect 4 day getaway from India.

2. The perfect blend of Portuguese and Chinese culture and traditions. Best place to experience the mix and get in awe.

3. The food options are drool worthy and scrumptious.

4. Hop between extravagant casinos - it's rightly called the Vegas of East

5. You can see the adorably cute pandas at Seac Pai Van Wildlife Park

Day 2

6. The night markerts are to die for. You can experience traditional street food, snacks, vintage toys, and crafts.

7. Have a Venetian shopping experience, with gondola rides and flowing water

8. Enjoy the many performances across the city like opera, dance, lights and sound show, water show etc

9. Take an evening stroll at Senado Square

10. Take delight in the beautiful ruins of St. Paul and Mount Fortress

11. Get a taste of Taoism at A-Ma temple

12. Experience the exhilaration of Bungee Jumping at Macau Tower

13. The presence of many museums in the city

14. The urban parks of Macau are quite a sight

15. The beautiful beautiful beach of Hac Sa

16. The presence of so many photography places, which makes it any photographers dream.

17. The food market at Taipa Village

18. The fact that Hong Kong is only 62 km away makes it an awesome place to club a visit to.

19. See beautiful flowers at Macau Lotus Flower Festival

20. Macau is the Art capital of Asia. It is hard to walk around the city without stumbling upon an art piece. The unique fusion of culture distinguishes Macau.