#13 Encounter with Maldives Sea Sharks

29th Dec 2018
Photo of #13 Encounter with Maldives Sea Sharks by Rajendra Das

Hello Viewers We went to Maldives during Jan 2019 to celebrate new year & 1st birthday of our son (Ayaan) to the country of islands Maldives. So after reaching at our guest house Magic Life Guest House we took 2-3 hours rest as we were exhausted after the long ferry journey.

Around 5.30 pm we started from our guest house towards the bikini beach. Magic life guest house is located at a superb location, Bikini beach of #Felidhoo is located at 2 minutes waling distance. While walking towards the beach Sweta found a alive moving Divine Conch (In #Hindi Shank/शंक ), peoples like us staying in a metro city #Bangalore of #India can only imagine or see them on photos. Getting to watch them alive on a public road was really amazing and we felt happy about it. We waited it to move further but it got shared so we thought of moving ahead without disturbing it anymore.

We spent the evening at the bikini beach, the day was a bit cloudy so sunset was not clear. Around 6pm we walked back to the guest house and sipped cup of tea which was offered unlimited by the guest house on self served basis and we #Indians are really crazy #Tea lover. There was no further plans for the day as the island is very small and post dusk you can hardly see anything at the beach.

Click from the under construction ferry point Felidhoo

While I was speaking to the guest house owner about what all a person can do if he/she comes to Feledhoo, he told me that we can watch Sea #Shark at a near by island named #Keyodhoo #Island.

There was no doubt for me to go for this plan immediately, so post dinner me and the guest house owner went to Keyodhoo Island by a speed boat and I spent 2 hours watching the 10-15 sharks(Please watch the video of sharks) from a touching distance and it was one of the amazing thing I saw on our Maldives trip. The cost for watching these sharks was 12 USD (it was the charge for speed boat).

Its not easy for anyone to hold a camera along with luggage at the sandy roads.... it actually means I have put lot of efforts for these videos so please watch my videos and LIKE , COMMENT , SUBSCRIBE & SHARE the videos.

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