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Frequently Asked Questions

These are live online workshops that take place on Zoom.    

We pick ideas that have a demand with people between the ages of 20-50 years. The world is changing very quickly and we want courses that will help others understand the requirements of new-age jobs, businesses, life, or pick up a skill or practice that is fun, mindful and meditative. As long as your topic meets these requirements, you have a good chance of being selected. 

If we love your workshop topic and course, we will get in touch with you to start work on creating your marketing materials. Here, we will need a few inputs from you. Besides this, we will start by launching three sessions for your topic as per your schedule.  

We understand. The schedule and dates for your workshop will be fixed based on your convenience and timelines.   

No, there is no fee. Hosts are paid as per a revenue-sharing model. We'll share more details on this if your idea is selected.