Mini Switzerland of INDIA "Khajjiar" Himachal Pradesh

5th Jul 2019
Photo of Mini Switzerland of INDIA "Khajjiar" Himachal Pradesh by Wanderlust Himani

Hey wanders,

Khajjiar is a popular hill station about 26 km from Dalhousie in Himachal Pradesh. One of the 160 places in the world that look tropical in Switzerland, Khajjiar is located at an altitude of 6500 feet and is given with natural beauty and pleasant climate. Large expanse of green meadows and dense forests, overlooking majestic snow-covered Himalayan peaks, makes Khajjiar a popular destination among tourists. Adding the Khajjiar Lake and Chamera Lake to the charm of Khajjiar.

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There is not much known about the history of Khajjiar, but 12th century temples are still in majestic splendor. The Khajji Naga Temple is the holiest shrine in Khajjiar. People of Khajjiar generally speak Himachali. However, almost all, they are also comfortable with Hindi. we had amazing time in between our journey to Dharmshala to Dalhousie while stopping here in Khajjiar for some relaxing time :)

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Shot on - Google pixel 2xl phone

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Shot & edited by - Himani Chawda


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