#BrilliantMoments with my #NightFurry


"No Roads are too long when you have a good company"

It has been my favorite quote since I welcomed my first love #NightFury to my home and heart. It has been around 4 years and the bonding is keep getting better day by day.

I still remember the unfortunate day , on the 3rd day after i took the delivery and one biker jumped the signal and damaged the rear bumper before he ran away. I was crying inside to see my Dream car in the garage with just 3 days old :( Thanks to the Advaith Hyundai Motors, i got the quick insurance settlement and my #NightFury was back to the glory within few days :)

Being an avid traveler and road-tripper, it was a perfect duo to explore the unseen and unknown territories.

Whether its hair pin bends of Yercaud:


Photo of #BrilliantMoments with my #NightFurry 1/10 by Kapil Kumar
Photo of #BrilliantMoments with my #NightFurry 2/10 by Kapil Kumar

Or the heritage of Hampi:

Photo of #BrilliantMoments with my #NightFurry 3/10 by Kapil Kumar
Photo of #BrilliantMoments with my #NightFurry 4/10 by Kapil Kumar

Or even the best highways, Bangalore to Hyderabad:


Photo of #BrilliantMoments with my #NightFurry 5/10 by Kapil Kumar
Photo of #BrilliantMoments with my #NightFurry 6/10 by Kapil Kumar

Or even a early morning ride with #Zigwheel group:

Photo of #BrilliantMoments with my #NightFurry 7/10 by Kapil Kumar
Photo of #BrilliantMoments with my #NightFurry 8/10 by Kapil Kumar
Photo of #BrilliantMoments with my #NightFurry 9/10 by Kapil Kumar
Photo of #BrilliantMoments with my #NightFurry 10/10 by Kapil Kumar

The memories are endless and so close to my heart forever <3