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6th Jun 2018
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"Whatever it takes ,cause I feel the adrenaline in my veins"

This popular line from the amazing song by the band Imagine dragons was continuously looping in my head with the imagination of jumping from a crane at 83 meters coming into reality.

From our camp site we set ourselves to Jumpin heights .

This place is 30-40 mins away from Rishikesh and is famous for adventure activities viz

1)Bungee Jumping(Indias Highest)

2)Giant Swing (Indias largest swing)


3)Flying Fox(Asia's largest)

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if you are following the correct path to Jumpin heights you may able to see sign boards like these

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With steep valleys and narrow roads we reached the location .We had to pay a entry fee and take our passes which were pre booked .

The first thing I did was the tandem Giant Swing .

The instructors are well trained and motivate you to do this exciting activity

Interesting fact about the Giant swing is that it is Indias Largest Swing .Once you get down you get a batch saying 'Ive got Guts'.From there we need to trek our way

Next up I had the Flying Fox which is apparently Asia's longest.Yes you read it right ,it is Asias longest ranging to about a 1 km.

To reach the place of activity we need to again trek our way to a different spot where there are crew members who equip us with the clothing and helmets.

Once that is done we are placed in tandem in a group of three and slush here we go .

At a speed of 140 km/he over the river Ganga we feel like we have special powers and it is amazing experience.

Next up was the Bungee Jumping .

Ever Imagined jumping from the terrace of your society ?

If you ever had fear of heights and want to experience this gut renching activity in India ,Jumpin Heights is the place to be .

After an exhausting Giant Swing and Flying Fox the body wanted to Stop but the heart wanted more.

On reaching the crane I met the French instructor who chatted with me about the FIFA world cup and since I was the last jumper for the day he motivated me to give my best .The other instructor was from New Zealand and I must say all the safety norms were perfectly followed before my jump.

Here's how it was

She told me to look at a circle right in front of my eyes and told me to take a deep breath and jump .

My jump was wonderful I did not scream I did not panic but I felt happy confident and amazing .

The experience at Jumpin Heights made me Stronger,confident and a better person .

Thank you Jumpin Heights .

Highly recommended for adventure activity enthusiasts .

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