Kurumbera Fort - Gaganeshwar - Keshiari - 15th Century's Historic Site


Distance From IIT Kharagpur Is Approx. 30Km Via SH5 KESHIARI

The Kurumbera fort is located in the village of Gaganeshwar. The name means that there is an inscription surrounded by a stone that was built during the reign of the Sun dynasty. Another inscription states that it was later re-created, including a domed mosque built during the reign of the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb, with floral designs, although the fort and most of it are ruined.

Which is admirable These historical monuments can be visited 30 km away from the Keshiari - Kukai turned left and from there 3 kilometers down the road and from one village to the right the paved road went another 3 kilometers away to the village of Gaganeshwar where the 700-year-old Kurumbera Fort was built of stone in fourteen years during the reign of the kings.

According to historian Harisadhan Das, the entire region of Midnapore was once part of the ancient kingdom of Kalinga. Eventually, the region split and the city of Tamralipti became independent. (modern Tamluk) as its capital. In the 15th century, the region was ruled by the Gajapati Dynasty (1434 - 1541 CE), a medieval Hindu empire that ruled most of modern-day Odisha and coastal areas of Andhra Pradesh. The 'fort', it is believed, was built by the king of this empire. Alauddin Hussain Shah (1494 - 1519), an independent Sultan of Bengal will try to expand his empire into Orissa, and his forces commanded by Shah Ismail Ghazi passed through the area several times between 1500 and 1509. However, the campaign was unsuccessful and hostilities in the provinces bordering Bengal and Orissa would continue under the rule of Alauddin Hussain Shah.