North India, you beauty!

Photo of North India, you beauty! by Ankita Karegaonkar

Dear and respected himachal,
             Waking up to the surreal view of snow covered mountains, the things i day dream about! You proved a non-believer of "love at first sight", totally wrong!
               Those fur balls with waggy tails, those tiny-eyed tomato-red-cheeked babies and merry wrinkled faces, they welcome us whole heartedly to this land.
                Sweaters and leather jackets, Pashmina and ponchos, wooden handicrafts and willow wood cricket bat. Mall road market street has got souvenirs for everyone!
                 Untouchable stone temples, monastries, chilling myths of those small hamlets and intense devotion for  Bholenath!
They totally give us goosebumps!
                   Aviators, Royal Enfields with Tibetian prayer flags, tents and rucksacks, lush green mountains, palm trees and campsites that leave you awestruck are indeed para para paradise for riders, hikers and trekkers!
                  Maggi and chai, momos and spicy red chutney, Chhole bhature and rajma chawal, and of course coffee. We had our mouth watering throughout!
                    Holy leaves from stoner's capital Kasol, and rice drink Lugdi from Manali.
Old monk for the freezing cold and vodka for those trippy feels.
What happens in Himachal stays in Himachal! ;)
                    Roads with untamed wild river on one side, HRTC buses, small narrow bridges and the remote snow hills which never stop following you! Absolutely a road trip kinda road!
                        The serene views of snow mountains with golden peaks make you never want to leave this moment of ecstacy!
Forever and immense love❤️
                                 Yours faithfully and lovingly!
                     IG: _ankiiita__