Kochi: 48-Hours Itinerary | Places To Visit & Things To Do - Kerala Travelogue

Photo of Kochi: 48-Hours Itinerary | Places To Visit & Things To Do - Kerala Travelogue by Varsha Banerjee (Crazy Jetsetters)

Embarking on a magical 48-hour escapade in Kochi, the enchanting realm where Vasco Da Gama first treads on Indian soil – our journey unfolded like pages from a vibrant travelogue. Nestled in the embrace of the Arabian Sea, Kochi beckoned us with its historical allure and cultural treasures.

Our haven was a charming AIRBNB strategically positioned in Fort Kochi, a stone's throw from captivating attractions. What elevated our stay was the warmth of our hosts, transforming our lodging into a true home amidst the historical splendour of Fort Kochi.

Determined to savour every nuance of local life, we indulged in a culinary odyssey, delighting in the symphony of flavours – from the delectable Iddiyappams with Kadala curry to the legendary Kerala-style Biryani and the freshest seafood imaginable. Our wanderlust led us to Vasco Da Gama Square, where history whispered through the wind, and to the rhythmic dance of Chinese Fishing Nets, the timeless Jewish Synagogue, and the haunting Dutch Cemetery.

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