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Leh Ladakh Tour Packages

Holiday planning doesn't have to be stressful. To save you the hassle, we have curated a selection of Leh Ladakh tour packages. Scroll below and choose a package that best suits your travel style.

A visit to Ladakh is a feast for the eyes. Jagged mountain peaks, crystalline lakes and endless stretches of lush green meadows make up the ethereal topography of Ladakh. Known as the land of high passes, Ladakh lies in the northern part of Jammu and Kashmir. Once an important stopover for trade routes, Ladakh has slowly transformed into a spiritual hub. Monasteries are perched on the top of craggy barren hills while the mystical sound of prayer wheels reverberate across the quiet valleys of Ladakh. You can discover these picturesque spots in Ladakh with our Ladakh tour packages.

The royal remnants of Ladakh are visible in its colossal forts and palaces dotting the arid landscape. You can find mammoth statues of Buddha along with countless fluttering prayer flags all around Ladakh, displaying a strong religious identity that Ladakh has formed throughout the years. This region is also known for its friendly locals. The generous Ladakhi community offers traditional homestays to tourists along with freshly-cooked Ladakhi cuisine. You can enjoy an insightful visit to Ladakh with our Ladakh tour packages and delve deeper into the history and culture of Ladakhi people.

Ladakh Biking Tours

Embark on a biking expedition across the high passes of Ladakh. You can explore landscape and the zigzag roads of Ladakh on a bike. Ride on the highways of Ladakh that stretch through the barren Himalayan ranges. You can choose our Ladakh tour packages and enjoy a bike ride on some of the world’s highest motorable roads.

Local Cuisine in Ladakh

Our Ladakh tour packages allow you to savour the authentic taste of Ladakh. You can try various local dishes such as thukpa, phirni, momos and yak cheese. Mildly flavoured, most of Ladakh's dishes are made up of vegetables such as pumpkins, potatoes, beans and beetroots. Many locals are generous enough to offer homemade dumplings to travellers. Ladakh is also famous for its delicious non-vegetarian Pulao. Ladakh also has its own local drink called Chhaang which is a barley-based beer that keeps you warm in the brisk winters of Ladakh. You can also explore restaurants such as Tibetan Kitchen, Blue Lotus and Summer Harvest with our Ladakh tour packages.  Cafe culture is also thriving in the streets of Ladakh. You can visit Bob’s Cafe and OpenHand Cafe with our Leh Ladakh packages.

Ladakh Highlights

Surrounded by the magnificent Karakoram Ranges, Ladakh’s landscape is an amalgam of natural vistas and awe-inspiring architectural marvels. Our Leh Ladakh packages will introduce you to the diverse landscapes of Ladakh along with its well-preserved heritage. 


Ladakh is the land of Lamas. You can find Buddhist Gompas settled till the farthest ends of Ladakh. The monasteries are bustling with little monks while the Lamas spread the Buddhist message of peace across the valley.  You can explore these beautiful monasteries with our Ladakh tour packages. Our Ladakh tour packages also include a visit to Thicksey Monastery which is a twelve-storeyed building settled atop a hill. You can find golden stupas here along with various wall paintings illustrating the stories associated with Buddhism and Gautam Buddha.


You can also explore Hemis Monastery with our Ladakh tour packages. It is the wealthiest monastery in Ladakh. Imprints of Guru Rimpoche’s ideology are visible in each nook and corner of this tranquil monastery. You can also explore the museum that is built inside the monastery. It has relics of Buddha along with various ancient items that exhibit the well-preserved heritage of Ladakh. These monasteries will surely take you back in time. You can choose our Leh Ladakh packages to discover these monasteries of Ladakh. Besides monasteries, you can also find other religious faiths thriving in this tranquil region. Travellers can explore Gurudwara Pathar Sahib with our Ladakh tour packages to seek blessings and enjoy some tasty prasad.


You can also explore the valleys of Ladakh with our Ladakh tour packages. They are nestled amidst the mammoth Himalayan ranges of Ladakh. You can visit the hidden valley of Zanskar where you can discover panoramic views and cave monasteries. It is a captivating valley in Ladakh, popular for its scenic trekking routes and amazing river rafting experience. You can awaken your inner adventurer by embarking on Chadar Trek which is considered to be the most challenging trek of Ladakh. If you want to know more about trekking expeditions in Ladakh, you can explore our Leh Ladakh tour packages.


Ladakh is dotted with many sightseeing locations that offer a beautiful concoction of natural beauty and religious structures. You can select our Leh Ladakh tour packages for discovering these tourist attractions. You can visit Shanti Stupa which is settled atop Chanspa. This white-domed structure is divided into two levels and consists of idols and relics related to Buddha. You can also explore the royal past of Ladakh at Leh Palace. It serves as a scenic sunset point.  You can witness the magnificent Himalayan ranges from the top of the palace and capture the photos of the golden hour. A hidden gem that was once home to a royal family, Leh Palace is a spot that attracts tourists from all over the world. The palace boasts of ancient paintings, old utensils and various artefacts hung on the old walls. You can also visit Magnetic Hill with our Leh Ladakh packages, Magnetic Hill is famous for its mysterious anti-gravitational effect. You can also visit Pangong Lake which has plunged into mainstream travel itineraries due to the Bollywood movie, 3 Idiots. The snow-capped Himalayan ranges form the backdrop of this crystal-clear lake. Explore our Leh Ladakh tour packages to know more about other beautiful lakes in Leh.


Leh Ladakh also attracts adventure-lovers due to various enthralling activities that you can undertake here. Our Leh Ladakh tour packages include various adventure activities such as camping, trekking and climbing for an adrenaline-pumping trip to Ladakh. However, Leh Ladakh tour packages don’t just cater to adventure junkies. Ladakh serves as the perfect spot for a relaxing vacation with family and friends. And if you are looking for a romantic getaway, you can select our Ladakh tour packages for couples as well. Our well-curated  Leh tour packages will allow you to unravel the mysteries of Ladakh, one destination at a time. You can also indulge in a shopping spree in Ladakh with our Leh Ladakh tour packages. The colourful shops of Ladakh are packed with quality woollen clothes, valuable antiques and distinctively-patterned handicrafts. Ladakh is also famous for handmade apricot jams and oils that are easily available at the local markets. You can explore these markets with our Leh Ladakh tour packages.


You can also embark on scenic treks in Ladakh. The interlocking trails pass through gurgling rivers and milky-white glaciers. These trails are overlooking the wooden huts haphazardly settled across the valleys of Ladakh. Our Leh Ladakh tour packages take you to many exciting treks such as Kang Yatse Trek, Markha Valley Trek and Chadar Trek. If trekking is not your cup of tea, then be assured that our Leh Ladakh packages also offer other adventure activities such as cycling, camel safari and biking across the high passes of Ladakh. Our customized Leh Ladakh tour packages give you plenty of time to acclimatize and prepare you for an adventure of a lifetime. Our Leh Ladakh packages also include many camping options. Ladakh offers you a solitary existence away from the technology-driven world. You can unleash your inner nomad with our Leh Ladakh tour packages, and rejuvenate yourself in the lap of nature.


You can also witness the unique and vibrant festivals of Ladakh with our Leh Ladakh tour packages. Festivals in Ladakh are celebrated with pomp and glory, and the local community proudly showcases the tradition and culture of Ladakh. Our Leh Ladakh tour packages cover the best and most popular monasteries in the state. One such exciting festival is celebrated at Phyang Monastery from the month of July to August. Locals dress up in colourful clothes, embellish their heads with well-crafted gears and perform a folk dance. You can explore all the facets of Ladakh and its beautiful culture with our Leh Ladakh tour packages.


Travellers can explore sapphire lakes, lip-smacking cuisine and divine Gompas as mentioned under our Leh Ladakh tour packages. You can also explore all the accommodation options included in our Leh Ladakh packages. Be it enjoying the warmth of traditional homestays or enjoying the amenities provided by luxurious hotels, we have a wide range of options available in our Leh Ladakh tour packages.

Recent Reviews About Leh Ladakh

Ladakh, the Land of High Passes, captures your heart and leaves you spellbound with it’s simplicity and rugged beauty. There is something so surreal about the jagged, arid mountains framing the picturesque gompas that you are left speechless. Whitewashed stupas contrast with the brown mountains and coloured prayer flags fluttering in the wind. Ladakh welcomes you with smiling faces and heart-warming food, and ensures that you leave with memories that last a lifetime.

We woke up quiet early at 5:30 A.M. and after having a cup of hot masala tea we took a stroll by the lake. We took our camera and walked down to the lake to witness and capture the magical change of color of the lake from sea green to bright blue. I could not restrict myself from dipping my feet into the lake water and it was icy cold.After returning to our camp and having breakfast we drove back to Leh carrying the unforgettable beauty of the lake.During our return we halted at Changla pass for few minutes to enjoy the breath taking view of the snow covered Himalayan range. In the evening we explored Leh market. The popular items for the tourists are the locally woven woolen garments, Pashmina shawls, Tibetan handicrafts, Buddhist mask and paintings.Since apricots grow in plenty in Ladakh, it is another popular gift we can purchase. We picked some shawls, dry fruits, apricot jam and Tibetan souvenirs for our family and friends. The dragon motif is very popular in Tibetan art. Bargaining is a common practice while shopping in open markets and you pay on the basis of your negotiating skill. However government run shops are there where prices are fixed.<br>
After having breakfast in the early morning we drove out for local sightseeing to Hemis monastery which is famous for mask festival, Thickshey monastery, 3 idiots’ school and Sindhughat for spectacular view of Indus river. We returned back to hotel for late lunch and again headed for a short trip to Hall of fame- a museum constructed and maintained by Indian army in memory of the martyred soldiers who lost their live in Indo-Pak and Indo-China war along with Shanti Stupa- structure built by Japanese Buddhist as symbol of peace.<br>
15th August The day India got his Independence.Big day for us!! Our destination was Hunder ( Nubra Valley ) which is nearly 130 km from Leh. KharDung La, the highest motorable pass, 86 km from leh, in between Leh and Nubra Valley having haight 18380 ft.<br>

Ladakh Weather and Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Ladakh is during summer from the month of April to August. All the sightseeing destinations are accessible to the public during summer season along with various treks that can be explored with our Leh Ladakh tour packages. It is suggested that you should avoid visiting Leh in winters. Due to heavy snow, many roads get blocked and trekking routes become inaccessible. But if you would love to explore challenging routes, you can choose our Leh Ladakh tour packages for winters. If you would like to indulge in water sports such as rafting and boating, then the best time to visit Ladakh is from the month of May to August. And if you are looking for some exciting travel experiences, then you can also explore our Leh Ladakh tour packages by road.


If you would like a quieter atmosphere, you can visit Ladakh in September and October with our Leh Ladakh packages. Due to low temperatures and dry winds, it is suggested that you should pack woollen clothes and thick jackets. From the month of November, Ladakh gets covered under a thick blanket of snow. You can choose Ladakh packages during these months for an unparalleled view of snow-clad mountains, frozen lakes and barren lands.

Ladakh for Friends

You can choose our Leh Ladakh tour packages for a memorable trip to this unique destination with your circle-of-friends. You can enjoy pleasant weather and panoramic destinations with our Leh Ladakh tour packages. Enjoy camel rides and jeep safari against the picturesque backdrop of the Himalayas in Nubra valley. You can also experience a scenic boat ride across Pangong Lake or slow down time by taking a walk in Lamayuru village. Our Leh Ladakh packages allow you to delve deeper into the rich culture of Ladakh. Our Leh Ladakh tour packages also include a pleasing bike ride across the various high passes of Ladakh.

Frequently Asked Questions

Summer in Ladakh begins in April and lasts till July. In summer, the weather is pleasant and sunny during the day while the temperature drops at nighttime. However, Leh Ladakh has a cold weather throughout the year, so it’s suggested that you should pack the clothes accordingly.
The temperature in Leh Ladakh can vary from 2 degrees celsius to -20 degrees celsius during winter. In summer, the temperature may range from 28 degrees celsius to 2 degrees celsius.
Leh is a city in Ladakh, implying that it is part of the Ladakh region. Ladakh is divided into two parts – Kargil and Leh.
Leh tourism has made it convenient for travellers to visit Leh Ladakh from different parts of the world The best route for undertaking a Leh Ladakh bike trip is via Manali highway. This route offers scenic views of snow-clad mountains, milky-white waterfalls and archaic villages settled haphazardly at a distance. You can also travel to Leh Ladakh via Srinagar highway which is a safer, albeit longer route.
Ladakh is known for its vast valleys, quaint villages and divine monasteries perched at the top of jagged mountain peaks. Our Ladakh tour packages include sightseeing trips to popular tourist destinations such as Hunder, Nubra Valley, Pangong Tso, Kargil and Tso Moriri.
The best time to visit Ladakh is during summer season which begins in May and lasts till June. During summer, the weather is pleasant and bright with plenty of sunshine around. You can Ladakh tour package for a scenic expedition to the valleys and villages of Ladakh.
The average cost of Ladakh packages ranges from 20,000 to 35,000 for a 7-day tour. The prices of Ladakh tour packages are subject to change according to season, duration and inclusions.
The average duration of Ladakh packages is around 6 to 11 Days. Ladakh tour packages are available throughout the year, allowing you to witness the pleasant summers and brisk winters of Ladakh.
Indian Nationals do not require a passport to visit Ladakh. However, it is a mandatory requirement for foreign nationals. If you are from Bhutan or Nepal, then a passport is not required. Also, Inner Line Permit is compulsory to visit some areas of Ladakh. Our Ladakh tour packages provide assistance with documents and permits required to visit Ladakh.
You can apply for Inner Line Permit online which costs around ₹400 per person. An environment fee of ₹20 is also charged per day.