Offbeat Destinations of Europe | City of Dragons🐲 Ljubljana, Slovenia🇸🇮 Unknown Cities of Europe

6th Nov 2019
Day 1

I went on a sudden trip to Ljubljana which is capital of Slovenia Country, Europe. I went by sharing a ride with 3 other persons in their car which made my travelling cost to just 50% of usual. I saved around Rs. 1000 in to and fro travel. I went there around 11 am and started exploring.

When you travel in Europe, you should always start either from City Centre or Castle. I started from City Centre. City Centre is very old and famous for the dragon statues in the city. It was believed that this city was full of dragons some years back.

Also, city centre has a famous architecture called Triple Bridge, which is one of its kind made in second world war to connect southeastern europe to western europe.

Then I went to castle. Castle is very beautiful with a museum inside it. But, climbing to the castle is a tedious job. Although you can use cable cart if you want to save time but climbing is also an another level experience.

Overall it was a wonderful experience in Ljubljana.