Touch The Untouched:Kunkeshwar Temple & Beach ,Devgad

30th Dec 2019
Photo of Touch The Untouched:Kunkeshwar Temple & Beach ,Devgad by Komal_K
Day 1

So I wanted to spend my new year eve at some peaceful and beautiful place and then the destination I found was :KUNKESHWAR Temple & Beach .It indeed was the best destination I could choose.

Kunkeshwar is a village in Maharashtra, India. This town is situated on the bank of Arabian Sea. There is a Shiva temple on the beach .It is 367 km from Pune.

So I started at 6:00 am from Pune .It took me around 8 hours to reach Kunkeshwar .

Route : Pune ->Satara -> Karad ->Shahuwadi -> Rajapur ->Kunkeshwar .

The road condition is very good till Karad as its a highway and after that you will find little off road and ghat road .Overall road condition is good to go.

Stay : MTDC Kunkeshwar Resort .

I always look for MTDC resorts as a first choice since they have the best location of any place like this.So I stayed at MTDC Kunkeshwar Resort .The location of resort is amazing as this is in front of beach itself .Although I felt the room charges were little high(you can view the charges - .The view from resort was amazing.

The staff members are very nice in the resort.

The resort provides you all time meal .The food quality is very good and the charges for food is very reasonable .The staff is extremely helpful and ready to cook according to your taste .

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