The most famous hillstation of Malappuram district, Kodikuthimala. In the British colonization period, the British hoisted their flag during a survey, and hence it is named 'Kodikuthimala'. It is just 9km away from Perinthalmanna town and 1713 ft above sea level. A lot of people come here daily for a mind-refreshing hike. Nature-lovers rush in the mornings to witness one of the most beautiful sunrises. The crowd is even higher in the evenings.

And then, we were longing for a beautiful sunrise, so we fed our bikes and aimed at Kodikuthimala last week.

The moment we reached the base, we ran up the hill in a hurry because we were a little late already. So we ran up the steep hill without a break. But nature wont wait for us. The sun just raised to the blue sky. But still, the beauty of nature couldnt be compromised. It was still at its best. The fog, the rich colours of the blue sky and the rich flora, the light rays of the sun and the way it gives a special golden shade to everything it touches... these all are beyond words. After spending some time there, we decided to trek down. We climbed up through paved roads, so that we wont miss the sunrise which was an irony though. But on the way back, the adventurers inside us woke up, we decided to take the dirt as our path back. It was a little challenging but a lot fun. We climbed down through thick grasses, small streams and steep rocks to reach back at the base. By the time we reached there we were tired and starving, so we had a good brunch from the small restaurant nearby and returned home, thanking 'Kodikuthimala' for an amazing start for the day.