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How To Plan a Budget Friendly yet Luxurious Trip to Maldives
5 Days · 4 Nights
₹ 60,000
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Yes, I have a thing for ocean. I crave for sea shells, golden sand bank. I believe waves can gently wipe away our pain with them. I believe the mysterious under water world can paint our life with all possible colours. My love story with ocean has come a long way. It started from my most favourite 'The Little Mermaid' and somersaulted ahead over 'Finding Nemo' and movies like 'The Blue Lagoon' and 'Life of Pie'. My heart has always raced fast with imagination of ocean. This February when we landed on Maldives for our second marriage anniversary celebration, the thin line between the dream and reality disappeared. We were welcomed by crystal clear turquoise water, swaying palm trees and white sand beaches.

Day 1
We reached Maldives at 9'0 clock in morning and got transferred to our hotel by a speed boat. We were quite exhausted with overnight journey and decided to spend the first day in a relaxed pace. After a comforting afternoon nap we walked the entire island and sat on beach to watch a dreamy sunset. In evening we explored all the different restaurants and bars at our resort and after dinner we went for a live band show.

Day 2
It's an other worldly experience. The sun was all out and shining with full vanity. The water was crystal clear making the underneath sand bed clearly visible . The corals gracefully rooted to the earth, changed shades with every passing gentle wave. The colourful anonymous tiny fishes of all colours tried best to show their unity in a pack. However, every now and then few fish left their pack and swam with us. Occasionally we found few big fish swam in with careful eyes and investigated the whole area like responsible guardian. I spotted a type of fish with leopard like texture, brown dots on yellow skin. I couldn't believe my eyes how magically they camouflaged with the corals. One can detect their presence only when they swim in or out of coral pockets. Otherwise they seemed exactly like a part of coral. As we slowly went a little deeper we spotted two marine turtles swimming around calmly with blue waves. We snorkelled almost for 5 hours and still we were not content with the experience we had with this mysterious underwater kingdom.

Day 3
Today we rowed our two seated kayak on calm and graceful Indian Ocean. This activity was also complementary for all-inclusive package. Initially we struggled a little with changing direction with the double bladed paddle. But slowly we got accustomed and enjoyed two hours of kayaking. We rowed back to beach only when the lifeguards whistled and signalled us to come back.  In afternoon around 4'o clock we went for sunset and dolphin watching cruise trip. This trip was also a part of our package. Our cruise departed the sore and gently cut through the calm, dancing waves. The golden rays from the yawning sun blended smoothly with the turquoise shade of Indian Ocean. Finally we reached a spot amidst vast expanse of water where a school of dolphins pranced and played on the warm Indian Ocean. After spending a couple of hours with our intelligent marine friends we headed back to resort. The sun was just few minutes away from setting behind the horizon. The sky dusked and changed hues. One more day of my life met a beautiful ending amidst blue and green.

Day 4

Today we went for the scuba diving which was included in our plan. Though it was a beginner session and not a real one but the experience was just spellbinding. There we were, calmly floating just above the sea bed. The golden star fishes peacefully rested on the sand bed. The school of colourful fishes intensified the beauty of coral reefs. the sea weeds and and algae were nodding their heads with tender currents. After a while we spotted a group of Manta rays. They gracefully flapped their huge triangular fins and and slowly disappeared into the depth of darkest blue below. I constantly felt I'm the one who doesn't belong to this mysterious world. I'm the one who is odd, who can't match their pure, virgin beauty. Still this under-water world is welcoming me. The fishes, the baby sharks, the turtles, the manta rays, the coral reefs, they all are are kind enough to accept me in their world without showing any harsh rejection. But We!! We show no mercy to destroy them with water and plastic pollution behind the facade of civilisation.

Day 5
Finally the day came I dislike the most. The last day of trip. I was determined to enjoy the magic of each and every moment. As I sat by the open window, overlooking the the vast expansion of turquoise water the curtain fluttered in ocean breeze. After lunch we went for a lazy beach walk. The snails and snugs crawled on the sand and wiped away as the waves kissed the shore. The cabs were always in hurry, running here and there, leaving zig zag hair lines and hiding in their holes. We found a beautiful swing in front of our ocean villa. When I swung over the water the sun slowly went down and met the horizon over blue Indian Ocean. Slowly the bright sky faded and darkness enveloped the entire island.

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