Top 10 Things to do in Mumbai - Travel Guide - Offbeat

20th Apr 2018

Mumbai – the city of dreams! Its not called Mayanagari for no reason. While on one hand it is the financial hub of India, on the other, it is the city of Bollywood, the arts and entertainment capital of the country. Everyday, people from across India, come in to the city with hopes and dreams in mind! Despite its flaws, the city has grown on to me and made me fall in love.

This article is about some of the top 10 things to do in Mumbai (offbeat), all in just one day! Keep reading!

1. Begin the morning with a 2 hour sail boat ride from Gateway of India with your friends or that special someone! Pack some breakfast with you to enjoy along with the views of the Mumbai skyline and the sea.

2. When back onshore, explore the area around the iconic Gateway of India and don’t forget to take some pictures with the famous TAJ hotel in background

3. Guess what, Colaba causeway is just a 10 min walk from the Taj and starts right below Café Mondegar. Drop by to hoard on some junk silver jewelry, some really cheap export reject clothes or some unique antiques and art pieces. Do not forget to bargain like the locals! The general rule is to quote 50% of the ask price

4. I am sure by now you must have built up an appetite. Time to Try out some authentic Parsi food at the oldest café of Mumbai – Britannia café. Think no more and order the berry Pulao and you will not regret! Their caramel custard is pretty popular too!

5. Next, head over to Kala Ghoda to explore the area on foot, while appreciating the artsy displays on one side, and the Victorian buildings on the other. Talk to some of the street artists here, you will be surprised at how friendly they are, and how eager to share their stories. If you find out an interesting place like this museum we bumped into, don’t shy away from getting in to take a closer look. We found this one of a kind tilting tree in this museum

6. When you get tired of all the walking, stop by at a local juice parlor to enjoy some sugarcane juice or try out the Chai from a roadside tapir. Chai is love!

7. Next, headover to the historic CST railway station, to checkout the architecture of the headquarters of central railways. It is hard to believe from the façade that it is actually a railway station! Looks even more gorgeous in the evening lights!

8. From here, let us try to catch a play at the city’s oldest and most renowned theaters – the Prithvi theater. Here you will definitely come across some of the well known TV and theater artists watching the play with you.

9. For dinner, headover to Khaugalli in Ghatkopar or the street vendors outside Mithibai college to try out the famous Gini dosa and some of the gigantic sandwiches they offer. Words fall short to describe how heavenly these are!

10. Why not end the day on a sweet note? Make a last stop Naturals, a 30 year old ice cream parlor chain to try out their natural fruit flavors. Tender coconut is my absolute favorite! Guess what, you can also pack some for friends and family back home, in their dry ice packing boxes.

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