Mumbai is best known as one of India’s busiest cities. With a fast-paced lifestyle where hectic schedules are a normal part of professional life, everyone needs a break. Thankfully for Mumbaikers, there are tons of beautiful weekend getaways from Mumbai which not only offer refuge from the chaos of the cities but transports visitors to another world. So whether you are looking for weekend getaways from Mumbai that offer history, natural beauty and adventure or are planning 2 days trip near Mumbai – you won’t be disappointed. 


Merely 83 kilometres away from Mumbai, Lonavala is nothing short of paradise and is certainly one of the most favourite weekend getaways from Mumbai. Lush green hills, awe-inspiring waterfalls and winding roads, Lonavala is the perfect weekend getaway from Mumbai. Anyone who travels to Lonavala is bound to fall in love with the serenity of the Western Ghats.


A part of the Sahyadri Hills, Lonavala is a treat for travellers. With a number of beautiful spots to keep visitors mesmerised, including Tiger's Leap, presenting majestic views of the Western Ghats, to Bushi Dam to Lonavala Lake. Lonavala offers its visitors a perfect place to unwind and relax after the daily grind of the city. Lonavala also doesn't disappoint those who crave adventure and fun, with the Imagica Amusement Park and Della Adventures.


Lonavala has something for various types of travellers. Nature and history lovers can trek to Duke's Nose and witness the grandness of the Sahyadri Hills or trek to the Rajmachi Fort from the Kondhane caves. On the other hand, history buffs can pay a visit to Karla and Bhaja and witness 2,000 years old rock-cut Buddhist Caves.


The list of places to explore in Lonavala is almost endless and for Mumbaikars, there can be no better place to get connected with mother nature and no better weekend getaway from Mumbai.


Located almost 6km from Lonavala is Khandala. Usually, both these towns are visited together and travellers count them as a single destination. Counted among the first few popular weekend getaways from Mumbai, Khandala is now preferred for impromptu plans since travellers have become so familiar with sightseeing spots. Besides the popular Rajmachi fort, travellers flock to Khandala to explore Visapur Fort, Bedsa Caves, Lohagad fort and Reversing Station. But, what stands out for travellers who choose Khandala as a weekend getaway from Mumbai are the plethora of stunning resorts. The great weather, beautiful viewpoints and the warm hospitality of locals come together to give travellers a memorable experience. One that ensures that they keep coming back for more.


One of the most popular weekend getaways from Mumbai, Karjat is a spellbinding town located 60km away. Known primarily as a resort today, it's one of the best weekend getaways from Mumbai if you are looking for a peaceful, hassle-free weekend trip. With numerous resorts to choose from and umpteen activities to try, Karjat promises a memorable and rejuvenating break. It is a great place if you'd like to try rafting and other water sports since the River Ulhas originates from here. For trekkers and nature lovers, Karjat is one of the most delightful weekend getaways from Mumbai since it is home to the centuries-old Kondana Caves and the gorgeous Ulhas Valley. If you are choosing Karjat as a weekend getaway from Mumbai, we suggest prepping well with respect to the essentials. Remember to carry sneakers, jackets, an umbrella, a torch and a raincoat.


Owing to its popularity as one of the best weekend getaways from Mumbai, the town is undergoing massive development to make the holiday experience memorable of travellers. 


The beach destination located 100km away has been one of the most visited weekend getaways from Mumbai. Owing to its pristine beaches, picture-perfect views and Goa-feel, Alibaugh is where one heads when a break is on your mind. The beaches are close to each other so if you have two days in your hands, you can cover all easily. Adventure enthusiasts can choose Alibaugh as their choice for luxury weekend getaways from Mumbai during the peak season if they want to enjoy the plethora of water sports offered.


Wate sports are usually held in Nagaon beach, Alibaugh beach and Mandwa beach where visitors can enjoy parasailing, kayaking, quad biking and of course exhilarating banana boat rides. Alibaugh is also considered one of the most popular weekend getaways from Mumbai because it offers scuba diving for newbies and pros. Perhaps, one of the few weekend getaways near Mumbai that offer this amazing experience. One can head to Murud Jangira and sign up for a scuba diving session through authorised operators. 


Another popular weekend getaway from Mumbai is Matheran. Situated in the midst of the Sahyadri range, the hill station has held the fancy of travellers for decades. Situated at an elevation of 2600 feet above sea level, Matheran is located 100km from the city which makes it one of the more popular weekend getaways near Mumbai. If you are travelling in your car, remember that Matheran doesn’t allow vehicles in the main town and you have to park in a designated spot. An idyllic hill station, it offers respite from sultry Mumbai air and ensures travellers have a great time basking in surreal beauty. For those who enjoy sightseeing, Matheran treats you with 36 viewpoints, each offering a different side of the surrounding mountains. The most popular places to visit in Matheran are  Charlotte Lake – which serves the only water source for the whole city, Echo Point, Panorama Point, Shivaji’s ladder and Alexander Louisa Point and we recommend heading here during sunsets. 


If you want to experience the simple joys in life along with an action-packed vacation, head to Kamshet. Situated around 100km from Mumbai, this small hilly hamlet nestles amidst the mighty Western Ghats. Best known for paragliding schools, it’s a great paragliding spot near Mumbai. It’s counted among the most popular weekend getaways from Mumbai owing to the plethora of paragliding opportunities and the surreal beauty in the region. Kamshet also gives travellers a chance to experience village life in Maharashtra while enjoying the modern comforts that we are used to. If you aren’t interested in paragliding, you can include Bhairi Caves, Khondeshwar Temple, Shinde Wadi Hills and Pavana Lake in your itinerary.


If you are looking for weekend getaways from Mumbai during the peak season and pick Kamshet, we recommend booking hotels in advance to avoid price surges. 


A huge part of preferred weekend getaways from Mumbai, Raigad offers an attractive combination of history and natural beauty. An ideal two days trip near Mumbai, travellers head here to explore one of Maharashtra’s most beautiful architectural wonders – Raigad Fort. Built on a rock, the fort houses the tomb of  Maharashtra’s fierce warrior king Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Visited by tourists who are interested in Maharashtra rich history and legends, Raigad is among the top few weekend getaways from Mumbai.


For those who aren’t fond of history, Raigad is also home to the stunning Madhe Ghat waterfalls and Diveagar Beach. One must also not forget to try the delicious local cuisine that Raigad is well-known for. 


A little further than other weekend getaways from Mumbai, Panchgani is located 240km from the city. If you are willing to compromise on your sleep and head out for Panchgani on a Friday morning, you won’t regret it. A must-visit for Mumbaikers, Panchgani is known across the country for breathtaking views, mesmerising sunsets and lush forests. Rain is unpredictable in the region and you’ll be blessed with rain-soaked walking paths and colourful gardens. Of course one of the primary reasons why Panchgani is Mumbai’s most popular weekend getaways is the Kaas Plateau. One needs to book much in advance for a visit to the plateau but that doesn’t imply you can’t enjoy other enthralling sites such as Kate’s Point, Mapro Garden, Devrai Art Village and Rajpuri Caves.



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